I had a yoga teacher I loved who sequenced from the Ashtanga primary series. There were a couple of poses I hated, so when one of them came up in the mix I would just leave and go use the bathroom. That particular studio’s bathroom is way down the hallway and when I got back the pose was over. Of course my teacher got wise to this, faked me out and started waiting til I returned to the class to do the pose I was avoiding. 
     I often see people do this in class: leave for the bathroom during handstand, get a cup of water during boat pose, leave early and skip savasana. 
     It's really interesting to look at resistance at some point and unpack it. One thing I've seen both as a teacher and as a student is the very thing that holds us back in life is often encoded in that moment when we want to skip out on a part of the practice. Does this happen to you?