Avoiding Subs

     It always makes me a little sad when I'm checking in class for a sub teacher and people leave because it's not the teacher they know. I mean, I get it. The first time I ever had a sub I was injured in the class. He was too new, the class was too big, and back then I didn't have a lot of body knowledge. I've also had several other comically bad classes with a sub. I avoided subs for years after that first one. But then later I discovered one of my all time favorite teachers when she subbed my regular class at the last minute. You never know though unless you try.

     Last week we had a well known teacher who used to co-own a beloved yoga studio come sub for us. A couple of people were going to leave because it wasn't their teacher. This time though I told them, "This is a special treat. I think you'll like it." They took my word and an hour later emerged with big smiles. Life might not always give you the experience you were hoping for but every once in a while if you're open to it, it'll give you something better, a moment so brilliantly expansive you might wonder why you ever placed so many limitations on it in the first place.