More thoughts on class subs

As I was leaving Seattle for Costa Rica this time, this is what I told my classes about subs: 
     A lot of us have that one relative who tends to tell the same story over and over again. After a little while, you still listen, ‘cause you love them and the story is relevant to you, but you listen less attentively. Then one day, they’re telling that same old story and another relative, who was there when the story happened, chimes in with a bunch of details you’d never heard before. Suddenly you become really engaged and the story becomes lively again. 
     Yoga classes are the same. Most teachers try and keep it fresh, but there are definitely a lot of things you’ll have heard before in the same way. Then in comes a sub when your teacher is away, puts slightly different words to it and a whole new world opens up, things you might not have seen in the same way before. Sometimes it can even be outright magical. 
     Why would anyone want to miss out on that?